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• A totally French Canadian cultural experience

Timothy was intrigued and mesmerized by Québec City’s lively French culture. Warm and inviting, French Canadians have a joie de vivre and passionate spirit that permeates everything they do—from their lifestyles to their artistic endeavours to the way they welcome visitors.

6 must-try cultural experiences

Québec City’s cultural scene is second to none throughout the four seasons. With a multitude of museums, art galleries, festivals and boutiques, the city puts its rich French culture and heritage on centre stage.

Feel Québec City’s vibe

An architectural wonder: Québec City’s ice hotel

Québec City’s Hôtel de Glace (ice hotel) is a marvel to behold—and experience! Whether for a short tour or to spend the night, the hotel is the perfect gateway to the joys of winter from January to March.

Discover a winter gem

Cozy up to Québec City’s winter

Bundle up for some warm-hearted fun! Québec City comes alive in winter and becomes a giant playground for winter sports, tourist attractions and its ever-popular winter carnival.

Take on winter

Québec City’s newest architectural masterpiece

The Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec recently unveiled its stunning new Lassonde Pavilion, a bold steel-and-glass structure that has already become an awe-inspiring landmark just on the edge of Old Québec.

Explore the world-class design

Tap into Québec City’s local music scene

Music lovers always rave about Québec City’s chansonniers bars, which are pubs and restaurants that feature live folk music. The city is awash with traditional musical experiences that allow visitors to soak up French Canada’s distinct vibe.

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