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  • Tanière³ - chef
    The 25 Best Restaurants in Québec City Read

Thanks to the overflowing passion of emerging and established chefs, Québec City's gastronomic scene is booming. There are always good addresses of new restaurants to try and we see a lot of local products in the menus. We savour meals with French, British and Indigenous influences, but also traditional French-Canadian and boreal cuisine. Discover the restaurants and local artisans as well as our suggestions for an extraordinary culinary experience.

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L'Orygine - Outdoor bar

Sustainable Restaurants in Québec City

You don’t have to look hard to find sustainable restaurants in Québec City—especially with these recommendations!

Intérieur du restaurant Morso

10 New Restaurants You Need to Try

There’s always a new restaurant popping up in Québec City. Here are a few that you should definitely try. 


Best Restaurants by Neighbourhoods

  • Château Frontenac à partir de la rue du Fort
    11 Best Restaurants in Old Québec City
  • A couple drink a coffee next to Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church, on the terrace of Maison Smith in Place Royale.
    6 Best Restaurants in Petit-Champlain and Place-Royale
  • Place FAO dans le Vieux-Port
    7 Best Restaurants in the Old Port
  • Quartier Saint-Roch le soir

    9 Best Restaurants in Saint-Roch

  • Quartier Saint-Sauveur le soir

    8 Best Restaurants in Saint-Sauveur

  • Terrasses dans le quartier Saint-Jean-Baptiste
    8 Best Restaurants in Saint-Jean-Baptiste
  • Quartier Montcalm,

    6 Best Restaurants in Montcalm

  • 3e Avenue Limoilou

    7 Best Restaurants in Limoilou

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Restaurants Specialities in Québec City

  • Le Champlain - Fairmont Le Château Frontenac - Dining Room
    Fine Dining Restaurants in Québec City
  • Salle à manger du restaurant Clocher Penché

    French Restaurants in Québec City

  • Nordic cuisine at restaurant Chez Boulay bistro Boréal
    Nordic Cuisine in Québec City
  • La Bûche

    Local & Traditional Food Restaurants in Québec City

  • A plate of poutine, Quebec's traditionnal dish

    The Best Poutines in Québec City

  • Pied bleu

    Best Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants in Québec City

  • Femmes sur une terrasse d'un restaurant

    10 Hidden Gem Restaurants That Québec City Locals Love

  • Ristorante Il Matto à Québec

    Italian Restaurants in Québec City


Food Experiences in Québec City

  •  A couple enjoys the gastronomy and the romantic atmosphere at the Auberge Saint-Antoine restaurant, Chez Muffy.

    7 Unforgettable Foodie Experiences

  • Cassis Monna & filles - Cheers!

    Two-Day Food Itinerary with All the Best Eats

  • La Cale du Port de Québec
    Best Terrace Restaurants in Québec City and Around
  • A couple discovers the regional products of the Ile d'Orléans while tasting wine and cheeses in a vineyard.

    Mouth-Watering Pit Stops on Île d’Orléans

  • Three smiling girls take pictures of themselves and have a drink in the middle of a vineyard in Ile d'Orleans, in summer.

    Two Days of Wineries in Québec City

  • Vignes Vignoble Isle de Bacchus

    6 Foodie Outings to Try This Fall

  • Sugar Shack

    9 Traditional Québec Specialties

  • Québec City's Public Market
    7 Things Not to Miss at Québec City’s Grand Marché

Food Activities in Québec City

  • Customers participate in a wine tasting at a vineyard boutique on the Ile d'Orléans.

    Food Tours in Québec City

  • Couple picnicking near the Pierre-Dugua-De Mons terrace while admiring the Château Frontenac and the St. Lawrence River.

    Québec City’s Best Picnic Spots

  • A woman buys fresh fruits and vegetables from an outdoor kiosk.
    Farmers and Public Markets
  • Amis dans une microbrasserie
    Craft Breweries in Québec City
  • A woman walks through the Isle de Bacchus vineyard on Île d'Orléans.
    Agritourism and Artisan Producers
  • The Isle de Bacchus vineyard on Île d'Orléans welcomes visitors.

    Wineries and Local Liquor Producers


Meal with friends at a restaurant, with plenty of alcohol and food.
Québec cité: Gourmet Destination

Québec City chefs combine our French Canadian heritage to fine local products to create unforgettable meals.

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