Rendez-vous gourmand avec Québec Exquis!

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Stéphanie Nantel

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Les journées s’allongent et la température s’adoucit... Eh oui, le printemps est bel et bien arrivé à Québec et c’est le temps d’en profiter! La ville offre une multitude d’activités et la gastronomie est mise à l’honneur. Du 5 au 17 mai, Québec Exquis reçoit les épicuriens pour le plus important festival gourmand de Québec. Voici 3 raisons pour ne pas rater cet événement :

  • 1 There's a New Ice Hotel Every Winter

    Hotel de glace

    Mention de source
    Renaud Philippe

    A technical marvel, this snow-and-ice structure is rebuilt every year over a period of 3 months to welcome visitors from the four corners of the globe. This year, the only ice hotel in America (“Hôtel de Glace”) will have more than 40 uniquely themed rooms and suites. Don’t miss the chance to spend a magical winter night in a fairytale setting.

  • 2 Cross-Country Skiing Opens Here First

    Ski Foret Montmorency

    Mention de source
    Forêt Montmorency

    Skiing in late October? Of course! At Montmorency Forest, they’ve developed a special snow storage process, so as soon as it gets chilly, they bust out the reserves and lay down a 2.5 km Nordic trail—the only one of its kind in northeastern North America.

  • 3 We Skate as Soon as we Learn to Walk

    Patinoire hockey Quebec
    Mention de source Camirand

    Kids in Québec learn to skate almost as soon as they learn to walk. Every village has an outdoor skating rink come winter. Some even run along rivers and across lakes. Whether for hockey—our national sport—or just gliding around, there’s no better place to lace up those skates.

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