Québec City's fountains have turned the head of many a passer-by! There is something soothing about letting the mind wander to the sound of the splashing water or tossing in a coin to make a wish.

Tourny Fountain at night | Credit:  La Maison Simons
Credit: La Maison Simons

Fontaine de Tourny

Fontaine de Tourny is a monumental work presented to the City of Québec by La Maison Simons as a gift for the city's 400th anniversary.

The fountain fits in wonderfully with its surroundings just across from Québec's Parliament and is now a favourite backdrop for wedding photos! Its 43 jets and beautiful nighttime lighting have quickly made the fountain one of the city's must-see attractions.

Come see it for yourself—and make a wish!

Place d'Armes | Credit:  OTQ / Guy Lessard
Credit: OTQ / Guy Lessard

Place d'Armes

The gothic-style fountain at place d'Armes is crowned by Monument de la Foi and commemorates the 300th anniversary of the arrival of the Récollet missionaries in 1615.

The fountain stands beneath the windows of Château Frontenac hotel, smack dab in the middle of one of the liveliest places in Old Québec. In the summer months, it attracts throngs of visitors with rue du Trésor and its artists, street entertainers, horsedrawn carriages, and a string of restaurants and sidewalk patios all just around the corner.

Parliament Building's Fountain | Credit:  OTQ / Guy Lessard
Credit: OTQ / Guy Lessard

Parliament Building

The fountain at the Parliament's main entrance boasts two sculptures and is dedicated to the First Nations.

One sculpture is entitled Fisherman with a Spear and features a fisherman looking down at a fish in the pool by his feet. It is just below Halt in the Forest, which depicts a native family.

With their neatly trimmed borders and mighty trees, the surroundings are picture perfect. Guided tours of the Parliament Building are also available.

Fountain of place de la Gare | Credit:  Jean-Guy Lavoie
Credit: Jean-Guy Lavoie

Place de la Gare

The impressive fountain at place de la Gare on rue Saint-Paul is well worth a look. It evokes the power of water and the key role hydroelectricity plays in our economic development.

Set to the magnificent backdrop of Gare du Palais—a heritage railway station built in 1915—it is a great spot to relax and enjoy the fountain and surrounding floral displays.

Fountain of place de la FAO | Credit:  Ville de Québec
Credit: Ville de Québec

Place de la FAO

Standing at the crossroads of Saint-Paul, Saint-Pierre, and Sault-au-Matelot, the public fountain and sculpture at place de la FAO dazzles visitors all day long.

The figurehead rising up out of the pavement bears food from all around the world in her arms, recalling both Québec's heyday as a port and the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, which was founded in the city in 1945.

It cuts a fine figure amid the impressive architecture of what used to be the city's financial district in the 1900s.

The neighbouring streets are also well worth visiting with their boutique hotelsbistrosantique storesart galleries, and restaurants.


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