Dating all the way back to 1665, the Charlesbourg Heritage Site is one of the best examples of the area's rich heritage.

Moulin des Jésuites | Credit:  Moulin des Jésuites
Credit: Moulin des Jésuites

The district is one of a kind in Québec due to its unique street pattern, storied history, and architecture that is representative of both French and Québec traditions from the 17th to 19th centuries.

Land was laid out in a star formation, converging toward a central point. The Jesuits, the original seigneurs, designed this layout to help make the village easier to defend in case of attack.

Take a self-guided walking tour from Moulin des Jésuites to explore the district's unusual urban layout. The tour features ten interpretive stops and over 20 selected sites. Just pick up a map and brochure from Moulin des Jésuites and you're set! Guided tours and packages are also available.

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