Customs and taxes

(Business trips, conventions and meetings)

The Canada Border Services Agency has developed the International Events and Convention Services Program (IECSP) to help organizers plan events in Canada.

The web site offers information on the requirements pertaining to Canadian border regulations linked to an event, such as the letter of recognition, exemptions and services that may apply to a particular event, information on the visitor goods and services (GST) tax refund program or the refund program for the provincial sales tax (PST) as well as requirements pertaining to security deposits.

Tax refund

(Foreign conventions and organized tours)

The Foreign Convention and Tour Incentive Program may, under certain conditions, entitle certain people to a GST/HST refund as well as a provincial sales tax (PST) refund.

Bylaw on Local Tour Guides

Tour guides must obtain a tour guide license in order to give sightseeing tours in Québec City. The purpose of this bylaw is to regulate sightseeing tours, commonly called “city tours,” to ensure the accuracy of the information visitors receive. 

Bylaw on Local Tour Guides