Nothing less than a gem of UNESCO world heritage: Old Québec, a fortified picture postcard in which you can go for a delightful stroll and where the beauty of your surroundings is equalled only by the hospitality of its residents and shopkeepers.

How to Get There

Many bus routes go through the Place D’Youville terminal (the 800, 801 and 807 Métrobus lines in particular), and there are always taxis available there. Located in the downtown core, the historical district is only about 10 or 15 minutes on foot from most central neighbourhoods (Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Montcalm, Saint-Roch). 


About Old Québec

Once you cross the monumental porte Saint-Jean (gate), you find yourself in the heart of Old Québec at its most lively and festive! Restaurants, whether you're looking for fine dining or a good deal, rub shoulders with shops, and cultural and historical sites of all kinds.

In summer, rue Saint-Jean becomes a pedestrian street, the perfect place to take it easy on a terrace or marvel at the talent displayed by street artists. In winter, the neighbourhood becomes all the more magical because of Québec City's German Christmas Market, which warms hearts and feet with its mulled wine and adorable wooden stalls.

No matter what time of year, don't forget to meander along rue Saint-Louis, boasting great food and art galleries. At the very end, the street ends in front of the Samuel de Champlain monument and Dufferin Terrace, at the foot of Château Frontenac, where the view of the river is simply mind-blowing!

But it's in the small streets that Old Québec's soul is really hiding, harbouring incredible surprises at every corner: the Morrin Centre's Victorian library, the Maison de la littérature, a jazz bar, or even a small café where artists and students both hang out...

For an exceptional look at the city, don't miss going for a stroll along the Citadelle's ramparts, and enjoy the military heritage of the 4.6 km of fortifications circling around the city. And don't miss your chance for a photo op with a real cannon!

A Bit of History

The only city in North America, north of Mexico, whose entire fortifications are still intact, the upper part of Old Québec was the seat of executive power for 200 years. You can admire in turn the remains of French America, going back to the 17th century, and the British influence following the fall of New France.



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