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Mars, 2017

Québec City Business Destination By: Québec City Business Destination

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tips and reasons for holding an event in a museum

Imagine holding an off-site event surrounded by awe-inspiring paintings, majestic statues or nigh-on mystical archaeological finds. Your attendees are immersed in the history, culture and heritage of the host city where your conference or convention is held. As your guests network or enjoy a fun-filled off-hour cocktail reception, they become swept up in art and architecture.

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Québec's  Ambassadors Club By: Québec's Ambassadors Club

Monday, March 20, 2017

Explore the fascinating side of an event that’s all about…strawberries?

Strawberries. Those delicious, juicy bright red gems aren’t just great toppings on a sundae or a shortcake’s partner in crime. Strawberries were the main attraction and the star of the show for a major international conference, the 8th International Strawberry Symposium, which was held at the Québec City Convention Centre on August 14 to 17, 2016. 

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Frédéric Gonzalo By: Frédéric Gonzalo

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Live streaming during an event: an opportunity or challenge?

The ability to live stream sounds and images of events for target audiences has been around for several years. However, with the skyrocketing use of smart phones over the past few years, a small revolution in the event planning industry is taking place as live streaming is no longer an expertise coveted by professional AV firms.

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Québec Destination affaires By: Québec Destination affaires

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The 3P’s of drawing crowds to your next event

Organizing an event open to the public requires a different overall strategy than trade-specific and B2B conferences or conventions. Attracting large crowds to a tradeshow on a topic that appeals to a wide range of people means focusing on the the 3Ps of an event: the product, the people and the positioning

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Québec City Business Destination By: Québec City Business Destination

Friday, March 3, 2017

2017 digital marketing trends for the event industry

Digital marketing can play a huge role in an event planner’s overall marketing and attendee engagement strategy for 2017. While some event industry pundits focus on upcoming trends (think virtual and augmented reality, robots, big data and the like), we’ve put together a list of our digital marketing trends that you can actually implement today to maximize the results of your event.

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